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"Health Matters: Pregnancy & Infant Loss"
· Global News ·
· Oct 11, 2023 ·

In this emotional episode of Fertility in Focus, our guest speaker, Kimberly Lockhart, joins us for a poignant conversation about parental grief, pregnancy loss, and stillbirth. Kimberly shares her heart-wrenching journey as a mother to Wilder, her son who was stillborn at 40 weeks and 5 days, and how this devastating loss led her to found the Butterfly Run Vancouver and Butterfly Run BC. She opens up about the isolating experience of losing a child and the overwhelming stress and mental tumult of the situation.


Kimberly imparts valuable insights into navigating grief with others, emphasizing the difficulty of decision-making during such challenging times and the need to guide those around you in providing support. Listeners will gain profound perspectives on supporting someone who has lost a child during pregnancy, with Kimberly offering practical advice on expressing empathy. 


As the episode unfolds, Kimberly provides insights into the Butterfly Run organization and its impactful initiatives, support groups, and resources for bereaved parents. Join us for this insightful conversation as Kimberly Lockhart shares her profound story of turning personal tragedy into a force for healing and community support in this profoundly moving episode. 


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